I know that the creepy clown phenomenon is a big deal, but is it big enough to go to jail for and involve a small child?WREX TV has a story about a couple who was charged with child neglect after they left their 4 year old at home. If that wasn't bad enough, the reason why they left the child at home is just ridiculous.

There had been reports in the Menasha, Wisconsin area that a couple of clowns were chasing cars. Police then responded to the scene and saw two clowns standing on the side of the road. Clowns as in humans who wear big hair and put make up on their face.

The two clowns were questioned by police, and also a woman who was driving the clowns around (not in a small car I'm sure) was questioned. Come to find out, a 26 year old female and 29 year old male left their four year old child unattended at home while  they decided to play a stupid game of clowning around.

The female was arrested and held on a prior probation charge. The young child was taken out of the home and placed with the Department of Human Services.  The couple also has to go to court for Child Neglect charges.

How stupid can one be? Or in this matter, two people. Lets leave my child at home while I act like a clown. They are not bright at all.