Everyone loves to eat pizza. Not everyone does it and goes to jail. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, 21 year old Dany Ortiz of Cicero was arrested and charged with felony burglary to a motor vehicle in Riverside. What police heard next from the man took people away.

They went to his house and arrested him there. It seems that Mr. Ortiz was a huge fan of pizza. So much so, he ran out of money. He then proceeded to take money out of vehicles that were unlocked during the hours of 5 am and 7 pm.

What makes this even more bizarre is that he didn't want radios, phones or anything else electronic. All he wanted was loose change. I am not an expert in crime, but wouldn't those items bring more money if you went somewhere to pawn them off?

Here is a lesson for you.......always lock your car up, no matter where you are. In the meantime, Mr. Ortiz will be trying a new kind of pizza. One you can't find anywhere else, but a prison.