The Grinch is alive and well here in the Midwest. Some people just can't stand Christmas. Shame on them!

A video from a surveillance camera catches the moment a pickup truck drives by a home in Missouri. Then, a knife wielding man leaps out of the passenger side of the vehicle and stabs the blow-up Frosty the Snowman display.

Yes, poor Frosty got shanked. This is definitely a "cold case" as police have no idea who the vandals are. The homeowner has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to Frosty's "medical costs"

Diggs said:  Frosty was stabbed once in the right side of his abdomen in a “mob hit” style assault. The assailant appears to be a white male possibly in his mid 20’s with a bandanna covering his face. The assailant was probably aware of the visible security cameras around the property. The assailant was a passenger in the Grinch-Mobile. The Grinch’s getaway vehicle appears to be an older model dark colored 2 door small size pickup truck.

Okay, some people think the video is funny, but it is vandalism nonetheless. Homeowner Jeff Diggs told Fox2Now

"It’s just mean spirited, it’s silly vandalism. It looks like a couple of kids just having fun.  While it might be fun to you it hurts other people"

Frosty's fundraiser has raised a total of $75.00 as of Wednesday evening. in reality, Diggs plans to donate the money raised to charity. Now we know, the Grinch travels in a pickup truck!