Free things on an airplane are good in this day of age. For some lucky people who were flying to Los Angeles from O'Hare got a special gift. 

American Airlines sent folks who were flying from
O'Hare to a towel that has the W on it. has a photo of a plane that is all decked out.

Even though the airline is based out of Dallas, who's team got knocked out of the playoffs early, they still want to get in the fun of the Cubs possibly making it to the World Series.

They handed out more than just towels. Passengers were also given pennants that have the W, along with a Cubs logo and the American Airlines logo.

There is even a "win tini" that will set you back $12 and is a blue drink. It also comes with the rally towel.

If you are flying today to Los Angeles, don't be surprised to see these on your seat. If you are not a fan, then you will make someone very happy if you give it to them.

My question is.......will they do the same thing for people who are flying to Cleveland if they make it that far? I have a feeling there will be all sorts of W's flying all over the place.