CherryVale Mall has added some stores.

According to the Rockford Register Star the mall recently added the edition of the new eatery in the food court, Ali Baba, a Mediterranean restaurant, Lovesick clothing store for Curvy girls, Sprint Cell phone store, and Euberah, a Chicago based premium jewelry and accessories store.

I'm happy to see the Sprint store going in the mall, now I have another place that hopefully, is less crowded than the one on State Street in front of Target to take care of any cell needs I may have. That's only probably I have with Sprint on State, it's always so crowded.

I'm interested in checking of the Lovesick clothing store. It's "trendy and affordable fashion" for curvy girls between the sizes of 10 to 26.

Oh an by the way if the name "Ali Baba" sounds familiar coming to the food court in the mall, it's because it is. This is actually the restaurant's second location. The first being at 139 Sundae Drive near East State and Bell School Road.

According to CherryVale's General Manager, Mark Peterson, the mall is near full capacity of filling up all their vacant spots. Well it's nice to see the mall growing. I hated it when I'd walk through there in previous years and several stores were boarded up. It was almost a ghost town.

So this weekend when your running about enjoying your three day weekend , make sure to make a stop at the mall and check things out.