On August 27th at the Boone County Fair Grounds we have a really fun way to run a 5K with our Insane Inflatable.

Speaking of inflatables, check out these weird inflatables for some fun

I came across these strange and funny inflatables at

Oh and by the way,  yes these are real and you can purchase them on line.

1. Inflatable Church - Yes, people have chosen this as their wedding venue. I guess as a back up for rain when your wedding's outside it would work?

2. Giant Inflatable Dog Poop - Ummm, well not sure what to say about that. At least it doesn't smell.


3. Giant Sumo Wrestling Suit. This cracks me up. Can you imagine running in these.

4. Inflatable Pub - Now this would be cool to see at the end of the run. Don't Ya think?

5. Inflatable TV - Now that's pretty cool for outdoor pool parties and such.

6. Inflatable Photo Booth - Now that's another thing that would be cool to have around for parties, events and even at the end of the race.


Can you imagine running the course with these inflatables either in it or maybe at the midway afterward?

Better yet, for some good time fun and no inflatable poop involved, you need to join us for our Insane Inflatable 5K Fun Run on August 27th.

There's still plenty of space available for you to join with different race waves times to sign up for. from 8:30am to 11:00am there's a wave that races at every half hour.  get your friends together for truly good time.

Here's the cool thing when it's all said and done you can boldly brag that you ran a 5K. You honestly did run a 5K you just had a better time doing it. Or at least I think so.

To sign and to get all the details click on the button below.