After seeing Carrie Underwood's latest Instagram pictures, I am convinced we need to have a playdate ASAP.

As a former kid who loved Sesame Street, and the mother of a kid who loves Sesame Street, I am thoroughly disappointed in myself for not knowing that Sesame Place exists in this world, and that I have not been there yet.

Carrie Underwood recently rolled through Pennsylvania on her Storyteller Tour, and decided to make a stop in Langhorne, Pennsylvania at Sesame Place to make her son Isaiah's dreams come true.

Way to go, Carrie. You definitely earned the "Awesome Mom" badge for this one.




And...this one is my favorite. Especially the caption.



Kinda makes my husband and I dressing up as Cookie Monster and Grover for Ella's Elmo birthday party last year pretty lame in comparison. LOL!


Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media


Shannon Zimmerman. Townsquare Media