Kudos to Hillary Clinton for making it to the top as the first female to be the nominated candidate for president. However, did you know there were six other women before her who tried running? Can you name them?

According to the Rockford Register Star, Hillary Clinton had six other predecessor that made a run but never got as far as the primary. In way you could say these women blazed the trail that Hillary now finds herself on.

Of the six women who threw their hats into the ring for president, one was from Illinois.

That lady was none other than Carol Moseley Braun from Illinois. She was the first African American female elected to the US Senate in 1992. She made a run for president in 2004.

Shirley Chisholm of New York, made history not only as being the first African American to serve in the US House of Representatives, a position she held from 1969 to 1983, but also as "the first African-American to ever run for president (in 1972) on a major party ticket, and won over 151 delegates at the Democratic National Convention".

Ellen McCormack made a novel attempt at running for president in 1976. She was a Democrat and a housewife with as an anti-abortion candidate. She was noted for "famously challenging President Jimmy Carter in a debate."

Elizabeth Dole wife of the former Senator Bob Dole, "made her way to the candidacy for president in 2000 after extensive work with the American Red Cross with whom she served as president."  She dropped out after placing third behind George W.Bush and Steve Forbes in an Iowa poll in 2000.

Michele Bachmann of Minnesota became the "first Republican woman elected to Congress out of Minnesota in 2006, a position she would serve until 2015." She made a run in 2012, but didn't success.

 Carly Fiorina "served as a senior advisor to John McCain in 2008. After running for president in 2015 and having one notable debate against Donald Trump, she dropped out in February of 2016 after poor showings in the primaries."

So did you remember them all? Carly, Elizabeth and Michele I remembered, but the others no clue.