According to our news partner WTVO, the Rockford area blood supply is in a "near critical position". The Rock River Valley Blood Center says there are a couple of reasons why.

1. They are short a mobile blood mobile. They had to cancel one of their blood drives and are going to have another one at a later date.

2. Summertime is always a slow season for blood donations. It is also a time when there can be more accidents because people are out and about more outdoors. The combination of warmer weather and " vacations, graduations, weddings, sports and nice weather keeping donors away."

If the supply of blood runs low, it will make it difficult for hospitals to treat patients who need blood. Especially ones who have rare blood types. That is why it is so important to donate as much as you can.

O negative and B positive are two blood types that are always accepted. I am O negative, and that means my blood can be used by anyone. I just started to donate blood 5 years ago. I carry around a card that says I am O negative, in case something happens to me.

If you want to help out the cause, click here.