Right before the holidays, certain people like to cause problems by scamming others. Another area scam is taking place and it is time to take action.

According to WREX-TV, police in Freeport are warning stateline residents about a brand new phone scam. This involves using jury duty.

"The police department says scammers are calling people on the phone saying they are an officer of the court. They then tell residents that they failed to report for jury duty, that there is a warrant out for their arrest and the caller needs some personal information to help clear up the issue."

What makes this even more believable is they use the names of officials that serve the area locally. The caller ID will also show up as a local number.

What do you do if you get this call? Hang up and don't give out any information. Also, you will always receive an official notice from whatever county you have to serve if you are chosen for jury duty.

It is sad that people have to ruin Christmas by doing this. I hope that the people who are scamming get caught and get what they deserve.