In writing this, I now officially feel old. This all stems from an annual list published by three men who work for Beloit College. 

I found this on the WTVO website. There is a list called the "Mindset List" that is published right before the start of classes each year. Three men get together and write facts about the upcoming graduating class.

This year is the class of 2020. Which means they would have been born in 1998. Wow! The authors names are Ron Nief, Tom McBride and Charles Westerberg. They come up with 40 facts that can be mind blowing. Here are a few.

"Frank Sinatra, Phil Hartman and Sonny Bono have all never been alive in their lifetime"

"Ebay has existed for their entire life."

"The United States has always been at war."

"Wayne Gretzkey and John Elway have always been retired."

This list started back in 1998. "The Mindset Lists" are a series of books which has made the top 100 books of Amazon's Social History lists.

This is a really cool list that you have to check out. Which you can right here.