If you can't find something to buy on Craigslist why not try Facebook Market Place. That's where I found this really odd mattress ad.

I've never really looked at Facebook Market place while scrolling through the app but I'm so glad I did this morning. I found this bed for sale and it's definitely worth checking out. The ad, I'm talking about the ad, I'll pass on the actual product.

Facebook Market Place

That photo itself made me wonder. What is pixelated and why? Is there something we should know? What's the big secret? How are we supposed to make a decision on the "matters and bedding" combo for $175 if we can't see what is on the bed? Also, why is the wall art pixelated too? I'm trying really hard to imagine what is hidden.

Facebook Market Place

Hmm, another angle with more pixels but this reveals a little more. It shows there isn't a box spring and it may reveal is trying to be concealed. It would appear as though a dinosaur is on the wall. Anyone else see that? Either way, I still want to know what is hidden and why? #firstworldproblems.