If you are an IPhone 6 or 6S owner and your phone has shut off for no reason, then you may have a bad battery. 

Apple is publically saying that some 6 and 6S phones will shut off for no reason at all. They are sure that there is something wrong with the battery.

According to WGN TV, the company is issuing free replacement batteries to those who have experienced the problem.

"A very small number” of iPhone 6S devices manufactured between September and October 2015 are affected"

Apple has always been a reliable phone to have in my point of view. The  biggest drawback of the phone is not being able to take out the battery if something goes wrong. Now, Apple wants you to replace the battery.

Here is the other tricky part to the situation. If you have a cracked screen, that has to be fixed before you can have the battery replaced. Which means you may have to spend a few bucks for one problem before you get another one fixed.

Now, there is another issue with the phone that I currently have, which is the IPhone 6S plus. If you drop the phone too many times, it will suffer from what is known as "touch disease". The phone will not respond to anyone touching the phone screen.

Here is something even more hilarious. If the phone (how a phone can suffer from a disease I will never know) is suffering, you can pay $149 to cure it.