With all of the snow and ice the area received over the weekend, this is one law that many of us, who are in a hurry, might not think about.  

The area received some more snow and in some areas ice. Which means when you car is left outside, that snow and ice is going to pile up. There are people who are guilty of taking off in their car and not wiping off all of the snow and ice on their windshield.

Did you know that if you drive a vehicle that has a front windshield full of snow or ice, that you will be fined? Fox 55 in Springfield had a story where they interviewed a state trooper.

"Every person that operates a motor vehicle shall remove snow, ice and other material from their windshields so they have a clear view of the highway," said Lt. Robert Steil."

There is also a statute that follow these same guidelines.

"(d) Every motor vehicle, except motorcycles, shall be equipped with a device, controlled by the driver, for cleaning rain, snow, moisture or other obstructions from the windshield; and no person shall drive a motor vehicle with snow, ice, moisture or other material on any of the windows or mirrors, which materially obstructs the driver's clear view of the highway."

Police also recommend clearing off your tail lights and your licence plate, or face a fine as well. The penalty for this offense can reach $125.

There are also other potential costs by not cleaning off your car. If snow or ice comes off your car and hits the vehicle behind you, then you will more than likely be liable for those damages.

Make sure that you take the time to clear off your windshields and other places on your car so you can keep people, including yourself safe this winter.