This past Friday, NIU issued an advisory to it's staff and students though its website warning of an incident that took place near the NIU campus.

According to NIU, on Thursday November 10, NIU Police were made aware of a social media post about an alleged off-campus incident that involved an NIU student.

According to NIU, between noon and 1 p.m., four individuals in a silver pickup truck made racially-charged comments to an individual walking near the 100 block of North Annie Glidden Road. During the encounter, the victim observed a firearm in the vehicle, but the firearm was never pointed at the victim.

The occupants of the silver pickup truck have been described as:

  • Four white-skinned males, approximately 20 years of age.
  • The driver had sandy brown hair under a billed cap, wearing a flannel shirt.
  • The front seat passenger had short, sandy brown/blonde hair.
  • A rear passenger had dark-brown hair and a beard with mustache.
  • No description was given of the fourth occupant

How does this relate to President-elect Donald Trump? Shaun King, a New York Daily News reporter has been reporting on alleged racial and religious harassment occurrences around the country after the election. His head line states:

Northern Illinois University. 4 white Trump supporters, 1 with a shotgun. Here is how they terrorized this young man

Warning: The language contained tweet is very strong and contains vulgar language. The text of the Tweet can be seen HERE.

DeKalb police have classified this incident as a hate crime. Police have not blamed the incident on Donald trump or his supporters.