We all have lost a dog, cat or some pet in our lives. Now, it is time to help find a beautiful bird. 

Someone came into our radio station today and dropped off a brochure. Those sort of things happen all the time. But this time, it is for a sad reason.

A man in Poplar Grove has lost his pet Cockatiel. His name is Benny. According to the pamphlet, he was last seen near Queens Place and Candlewick Blvd.

Here is a picture of the bird and the information that is necessary to get this beautiful Cockatiel home.

Sean Kelly

In the pamphlet is a Facebook page that I never realized existed. It is called 911 Parrot Alert. Just like a lost dog or cat, a parrot is a treasured pet that can find its way out of where they are in no time.

I hope that this can help out Geoff and that Benny can be found safe and sound.