Next time you want to have a party everybody talks about you might want to pick up a Donald Trump inspired pinata. It's sure to be a big hit, yes that's pun intended.

If you're interested in getting one of these "politician pinatas" as the store Ducelandia refers to them as. You'll need to head into Chicago for one.

According to DNA Info, the Marketing Coordinator Eve Rodriguez Montoya said the new pinata was "created after enough customers requested it." She said that's "It's all customer based," and that customers "have been asking for piñatas reflecting the upcoming election. It's fun."

"The pinatas sell for $24.99 and are available at each of Dulcelandia's four locations."

Ms. Rodrigues Motoya told NBC Chicago that "the company eventually plans to have an entire line of politician pinatas, but details on when more could be released weren't immediately known.

According to their facebook page "the company wrote that it is working on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pinatas."

Wow! Now that's something. Regardless of where your political ties line, you have to admit this pinata is funny.

To be fair, I hope Dulcelandia comes out with a whole a political line soon.

Hmm, you know maybe the number one political pinata bought over another might just determine the Presidential winner.??? You just never know??