If you like to go off the beaten trail, you're not going to want to after seeing this.

There's a poisonous flesh eating wild plant that is spreading through the Illinois ans parts of the midwest.

Yikes! That's super scary.

According to this report through WGN, the plant is called Wild Parsnip and it looks similar to Wild Dill or Queen Anne's Lace except that it has yellow flowers.

It's a weedy type of plant that you'd find "in open fields, roadside ditches, along bike trails and in prairie areas."

If you come in contact with it's sap you will be heading to the emergency room. As the chemicals in it's sap cause "severe reactions when exposed to skin and sunlight. Effects can last for weeks, and scars can last for years."


Well when the signs say say on the path when hiking, biking or whatever you're doing, just stay on the path.

Here's a quick news clip to see what the plant looks like and what it can do to your skin.