All through Chicago you can't miss the city drenched in Cubs pride. One tower on Wacker Drive is showing theirs by changing their name.

When you look up at the UBS Tower on 1 Wacker Drive you're going to notice something different about it's name. Although, according to DNAInfo, the building's new name is temporary for now it's known as CUBS Tower.


I think that's pretty cool even if it for just a little while.

I wish we could send all of the city and fans Cubs pride out to our team right  now in L.A. so that they could feel it and their spirits will be lifted high.

It's been a rough couple of days, but this team has come from behind before to prove everyone wrong and I believe it will happen. Right when the Dodgers get too comfortable, WHAM! Just like Montero's grand slam Saturday night, the Cubs will come strike back with a mighty swing of their bats.