This Chicago hotel really knows how to pamper your pooch, by giving them the star treatment during your stay.

The Kinzie Hotel came up with a special package, "Pamper your Pooch", to give your dog a little extra TLC and the rest and relaxation they deserve, because you know a dog's life can be hard.

The pampering begins as soon as you and your dog check-in. You're given a present filled with Chicago goodies and products.

Next your room comes with "with a fluffy dog bed and gourmet dog food, Chestnut and Grace, made by well known Chicago chef John Nelson-Alden."

Then you'll also get keepsake photos of your dog at famous Chicago landmarks. In fact, you can set up a day of fun and activities for you and your dog through their pet concierge.

To see more about the Pamper your Pooch Package click here.

Wow! This hotel just took pampering your pet to whole new level.

The Kinzie Hotel, according to WGN, is out to claim the title of the most pet friendly hotel in Chicago.

Well by the looks of the place and this package I'd say they're well on their way to getting it.

I will warn you though the package, depending on what day you choose, is a bit steep in price. It ranges between  $269 to $519 a night. Wow! Now the Pampered package does include amenities for you in the room as well, but yeah it's not cheap to get that star treatment.