When I was a young kid, I never went to any summer camps. Now, I maybe heading to my first camp and I better bring my appetite. 

When you read this, I am not making a mistake. There is a camp that takes place in Minnesota every year around this time that is called Pizza Camp. Yes, a camp that is all about pizza.

Even better, this camp is just for adults. The camp was started back in 2014 by the Minneapolis Pizza Club. (I would like to start my own pizza club here in Rockford. Pizza is my favorite food.)

Every year around the middle of September, adults travel to Maple Plain, Minnesota, which is about 30 miles away from Minneapolis-St. Paul. Campers meet in the afternoon and participate in camp activities like archery and canoeing. The pizza coma doesn't take place till later in the evening.

There was an all you can eat pizza bar, which included pizza from select locations, pizza snacks and a build your own pizza buffet. Then, the night is wrapped up by a special performance by The Time Life Pizza Collection. They are a duo that takes songs and turn them into a song about pizza. How about a remake of the song "Chandelier"  by Sia and turned it into "The Pizza's Here" and Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" and turns it into "Another Stuffed Pizza Crust".

Also included in the evening is beer from Fulton Beer and some non pizza food items from local vendors.

You stay in an electricity free cabin, just like kids would when they are off at camp. So if you are going to take pictures, make sure you bring a charging stick.

The next morning, there is a coffee hour and continental breakfast (one can think no pizza would be included unless you are a fan of cold pizza). An optional jaunt in the woods or a stroll on the lakes and then you are free to go.

Before you think this is going to cost an arm and a leg, this experience only cost $99. It also includes lodging, food, beer, a goody bag including a t-shirt, a beer Q-Z, a tote bag and a pin. That seems like a great deal.

Here are some photos from the festivities that took place last weekend.

I am making sure when they announce the dates for 2017, my plans will be made. This sounds like a camp that not only myself, but many other adults would love to go to.