I am still disappointed that the St. Louis Cardinals won't be playing this year in the MLB playoffs. But, that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun at my own expense.

Living in Northern Illinois and being a die hard Cardinals fan can be a challenge. Especially when you work with mostly Chicago Cubs fans. Especially our news anchor Joe Dredge from our sister station WROK 1440 AM. He bleeds Cubbie Blue.

For the past few weeks, Joe has said on the air that he was pulling for the Cardinals to make it to the playoffs. Well, that didn't happen. Now, it is my turn to pull for the Cubs.

We had Joe come in to the studio and we both made a bet. If the Cubs win the World Series, I will wear this fabulous and somewhat sexy Chicago Cubs Onesie to work for the whole day.


There are some Cubs fans in the building who are kinda jealous if this happens. For myself, I really don't want to wear this, and that is not a slam towards the Cubs. The footie pajamas are not my style at all.

You are probably wondering what happens if the Cubs don't win the World Series. Joe will have to wear a Cardinals jersey all day at work. He is lucky because there is no name on the jersey.

Let the fun begin!!!