This weekend the annual Rt 75 garage sales are taking place with 40 miles of sales in Rockton, Lake Summerset, Rock City and Dakota and everyone loves a great bargain. Garage sales offer a cornucopia of bargains, but there are some things you should avoid purchasing.

1. Swimsuits: Sure summertime makes you dream of walking along a beach in your new swim outfit or wet suit, but don't buy a used one. Think about it, a swim suit hugs the body very closely and you don't know who owned it previously. Ewwwww.

2. Mattresses: Two words....Bed bugs! Need I say more?  Also used mattresses could have  bacteria, mites, mold and other people's body fluids. Ewwwwww... again. Also, Sheets and pillowcases are also a bad idea.

3. Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets. Helmets are intended to protect the user one time only. If you fall and the helmet makes contact with a  hard surface it should be thrown away

4. Car seats for children: The same reasoning at applies to helmets, applies here. Damaged car seats are very common. The damage may not visible.

5. Automobile Tires. The garage sale buyer has no way of knowing if the "used" tires have a defect or have been involved in a prior accident.

6. Computers (Laptops, iPads): These items may issues with thei functionality. Computers may have viruses or may have been dropped.

7. Vacuum Cleaners: Often bugs are living in used vacuum cleaners and the exhaust a vacuum cleaner dispels may blow out unwanted smells and artifacts into your home.

8. Stuffed animals: Germs, germs germs! Like mattresses they can be full of creepy crawlies and other unsavory finds.

9. Hats: Sure, I love cool baseball caps, but you are better off buying new. this also goes from winter hats. Old has may still contain, hair product remnants and sweat from it's previous owner.