Some Chicago Bears fans may think their quarterback is great, but here are eight Rockford landmarks and things that are better than Jay Cutler.


The Rock River

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Nobody knows what’s happening inside but it flows well, unlike Cutler.


Auburn & Main Roundabout Drivers

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They may thinks it’s difficult and challenging but everyone knows the general direction, unlike Jay Cutler.


Winter Potholes

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These bad boys have more depth that Cutler’s throwing skills.


Coronado Performing Arts Center

It’s really old but still knows how to put on a good show, unlike Jay Cutler.


Harrison Avenue Construction


It sucks, but there is an end goal and it will be smooth worth it in the end, unlike Jay Cutler.


The Rockman Guardians

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The Rockman Guardians look intimidating, unlike Jay Cutler. Yeah, they don’t actually do anything, but neither does Jay.

Downtown Rockford One-Way Streets

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The streets of downtown Rockford might also be confusing but if you look around you’ll see your options, unlike Jay Cutler.


The Clock Tower (Not the hotel.)

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Actually the clock is a lot like Jay Cutler, it works when it wants to. Sometimes all the sides aren’t even on the same page, which is very similar to Cutler and his offense. Regardless, it’s still better than Jay Cutler.