According to our news partner WTVO, two people were injured in a boating accident on the Rock River Friday night. According to the report, a pontoon and a fishing boat collided.

If you decide to take a spin on a boat either on the river or a lake this summer, it pays to be safe. The U.S. Coast Guard comes out with a report each year with the number of fatalities that takes place. According to the report, 626 people lost their life on a boat.

Here are 5 safe boating tips for you this summer:

1. Check the weather conditions before going on the water.

If the weather looks ominous, it is a good idea not to take the boat out.  If you happen to notice the clouds looking dark and any warnings are issued, head to land immediately.

2. Make a checklist

For the complete checklist for a safe day of boating, click here.

3. Common sense

If there are a lot of people on the water, drive slower. If you see a large boat, stay far away. They won't have the ability to turn quickly. Also, if you see buoys or any other markers on the water, use your head and respect them.

4. Avoid alcohol

Just like a car, driving a boat can be impaired if you use alcohol. If you are in an accident and they find alcohol in your system, you will be charged with a DUI and could lose your driving licence. Is that really worth it?

5. Take a boating course 

It never hurts to learn the basics of boating. Some states even require you to take a course before you can maneuver a boat.

Make sure to be safe when you hit the water this summer.