As we celebrate the 4th of July weekend here around the Rockford area, chances are you are going to grill out hot dogs. Which always leads to this one question: Is a hot dog a sandwich or not. 

I am not the biggest fans of hot dogs. My choice is usually a brat. Whether it is that or any piece of meat that fits between a hot dog bun, people tend to label it a sandwich. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, that is a huge no-no!

Here are 5 reasons why they think a hot dog is not a sandwich:


1. Every year ESPN broadcast a hot dog eating contest. Wouldn't it be funny if they called it a sandwich eating contest?

Football player celebrates wining touchdown

2. Athletes tend to show off when they make a great play or do something great. Or if you a running down the first base line slow, then you are "hot doging it". I think he is sandwiching it doesn't have the same ring.

Boston Globe via Getty Images

3. If you are like me, you love a good brat or hot dog and a beer at a sporting event. Those can come from a vendor. How weird would it sound if they said "Get your red hot sandwich here"? How would you know it is a hot dog?

Getty Images

4. Has anyone ever sang a song wanting to be a sandwich?

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5. These races have become very popular across Major League Baseball. Especially in Milwaukee. Now, ask yourself if you would stick around to watch a sandwich race. I think not.

There are other reasons that the NHDSC gives as to why a hot dog is not a sandwich. I think this weekend we should just enjoy one or two or how many ever hot dogs and sausages on the grill and argue about it on July 5th.