If you clicked on this story, there's a very good chance that you don't like living in Rockford, and there might even be a small chance that you're actually thinking about making the move; and that's OK, you wouldn't be the only one. Studies have proven that as a whole, more people are moving out of the state of Illinois than they are moving in.

So, let me ask you this...what's keeping you here? For me, it's my job and I love it. But what about you? Family? School? Work?

There's a lot to complain about when it comes to the Forest City; I see it on Facebook everyday- high crime, poor education, potholes, and lack of things to do are among the top of the list of what people don't like about Rockford.

Well, if you don't like it here, you could always move to a different Rockford.

I found five other Rockfords in different parts of the country that you might actually like and even consider making a move. Rockford, Michigan looks pretty nice.




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    Rockford, Minnesota

    Welcome to Rockford, Minnesota; a small, rural town located just 30 miles west of downtown Minneapolis with a population of just 4,316 people. Named for a nearby rocky ford on the Crow River, Rockford has parks, trails, lots of charm and you're still close enough to the Twin Cities that you're not missing out on some of the things you're used to, living in the city. Learn more about Rockford, Minnesota here.

    City of Rockford, MN City Hall via Facebook
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    Rockford, Michigan

    Out of the 5 Rockfords on this list, Rockord, Michigan would be my top choice. It looks so beautiful there. With just a population of 5,719, Rockford offers great views of the Rogue river, intimate dining, shopping and it's conveniently located just 14 miles north of Grand Rapids. Learn more about Rockford, Michigan here.

    Cit of Rockford, Michigan City Hall via Facebook
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    Rockford, Washington

    If country living is more you're speed, then you might want to make Rockford, Washington, home. I imagine the crime rate is pretty low and it has to be pretty quiet in those parts, considering that that population is only 470. People who have visited have said, "Rockford reminds me of the old sitcom The Andy Griffith Show” Read more about Rockford, Washington here

    Fredneck's Saloon and Beanery via Facebook
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    Rockford, Ohio

    According to their website, Rockford Alive, Ohio's Rockford offers a quality educational system, and an overall low cost of living and they say, "The central location and Midwestern roots give it a unique social and cultural awareness that makes it a special place to live and work." And get this, they probably won't take your street lights away; they were the first town in the country to have them.

    Tastee Swirl via Facebook
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    Rockford, Iowa

    If you're into geology, Rockford, Iowa is for you. They're home of the Rockford-Devonian Fossils and it's located on the Shell Rock River; hence the fossils. It's a very small town with 860 people and it's home to a very unique and beautiful park, the Fossil and Prairie Park. Rockford is so small and quaint that they don't even have their own website, but you can learn more on Wikipedia.

    Fossil and Prairie Park Preserve via Facebook