Are you that person who likes to wait for the last minute to do anything? If you are, I am going to try and help you with five last minute ideas for a great Father's Day gift.1. A subscription to a club

I am a member of the Dollar Shave Club. It was a great gift that you can tuck away in a card and buy right before you see your dad. That is just one club idea. There are so many "of the month" clubs out there that you should be able to find something.

2. Cook him breakfast.

What would any man love more than someone frying up an egg and mixing up some batter for pancakes in the morning. Plus, you can have the rest of the day to do something cool with dad.

3. A magazine subscription

Whether your dad is a sports fan or he loves to argue about politics, a magazine subscription can fill the void when dear ol' dad get bored. You can also throw in the bonus gift later. This is another gift that can be purchased minutes before you give the gift.

4. A plant or tree

If your dad loves to use his green thumb, a new plant or tree would give him plenty to work on outside and he can be proud of his work after he is done.

5. Gas cards

This could be the best gift dad could receive. Anytime you can get free gas, it is a good day.