If getting the best price for every gift you buy this Christmas is an absolute must-do for you, here's three things you need to try before hitting checkout on that Amazon shopping cart. 

I will admit, I am totally an online shopper. I do try to shop local stores online first, but Amazon and I are total BFF's during the holiday shopping season. I am also on a stricter budget this Christmas with two kids to buy for, so getting the best price possible is key for me. Here's three money saving websites that I hear so many people raving about that I will be checking out while holiday shopping:

  1. Wikibuy - This is a free Chrome add-on that locates other sellers that beat Amazon's prices for the items you are looking at. It also finds and applies available coupon codes and hidden rebate offers.
  2. Gift Card Granny - This website allows you to exchange unwanted gift cards for cash or other gift cards, plus it allows you to save a little bit on each purchase.
  3. Paribus - Link your email to this app, and if an item you purchased using that email drops in price after purchasing, Paribus will get you the price adjustments your entitled to.