She's only 11 years old and she just grew a half ton pumpkin.

Well, to be honest, she actually started back in April and sh could possibly win thousands of dollars in prize money at Pumpkin Weigh off this Saturday.

Carena Atkins is a sixth grader in Wheaton and she grew this gargantuan gord in her back yard.

Every day since April she's taken the time to care for her pumpkin patch, including on school days, when she would get up extra early to prune her pumpkin patch.

WGN-TV reports that Carana's pumpkin is not the biggest on the property. Her dad's pumpkin is weighs in at over 1500 pounds

Just imagine what they could sell those pumpkin seeds for. I would hate the be the guy who is charge of disposing of this orange monstrosity in late November.

Good luck Carena!